Items Below are Served with Steamed Rice
Additional $0.50 for Fried Rice, Additional $1.00 for Brown Rice)

B1. Beef with Broccoli 12.75
B2. Beef with Snow Peas 12.75
B3. Pepper Steak 12.75
B4. Beef with Vegetable 12.75
SpicyB5. Mongolian Beef 12.75
SpicyB6. Kung Pao Beef 12.75
SpicyB7. Orange Beef 13.75
B8. Sesame Beef 13.75
SpicyB9. Hunan Beef 12.75
B10. Beef with Mushroom 12.75
B11. Beef Chow Mein 12.75
B12. Beef Chop Suey 12.75
SpicyB13. Beef with Curry Sauce 12.75
SpicyB14. Beef with Garlic Sauce 12.75
SpicyB15. Szechuan Beef 13.25
B16. Black Pepper Beef 12.75